JMH Photo Gallery – ‘9 May Moments’

Hello and welcome to the JMH Photo Gallery, a space for you to show off your photos.

Viewings are not restricted to times or days, drink & food is allowed and entrance is free, all I ask in return is that you sign the ‘Visitors Book’ at the end and share the blog with your friends.  If you would like to exhibit your photos in the gallery just drop me a message.

Hanging in the gallery today you will find 9 photos of mine, taken while I worked and played through the month of May, using an iPhone.  Enjoy ….



1. happy heart


A pink heart so pretty amongst the tangle of graffiti in a dark tunnel.  On a run, it caught my eye, I paused, tapped and ran on.

2. knitting & needles


I had a knitters toolbox for a week, to create some ‘message boards’ with the wool, needles, patterns and odd bits of knitting.  Plenty of colour and texture to work with.

3. clutter at a window


Discovered the Royal Ordnance Depot in Weedon Bec, a little piece of Northants history being brought back to life.  I looked at the obvious then enjoyed wandering to find the small.

4. Diana’s river


20 years ago Diana died and a grey stream was created in Hyde Park to remember her. Quiet in places, bubbling in others, simple, sleek, and playful.

5. honey colours in Spain


Pick a day and time and set out for a wander in no particular direction.  Look for pictures, you will see things you have never noticed before.

6. People Pic


Stepped out of my photography comfort zone for a friend who wanted some photos for her website.  We worked together on ideas and, well, it was fun!

7. country ride


A little patch of wild flowers that stopped me on a bike ride.

8. London walk


A photo that is like writing a note in your diary, keeping the memory of a time and place safe.

9. old family poem


A photoshoot where one of the props I used was a poem that my g-g-grandad wrote in 1913 – how fantastic is that.

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