Stacks Property Finders, Northants

Stacks (Northants)

Working with Rachel Johnston of Stacks Northants

Rachel runs the Northants branch of Stacks, a property finding business that needs a broad selection of constantly updated photographs, to use for social media and articles.

A wide variety of photos are required. Some that capture the essence of Northamptonshire’s towns and villages, others which illustrate a specific element of the services that Stacks offer, as well as photos which are relevant to house moving generally.

We meet every couple of months, (usually over lunch in a Northamptonshire pub – it’s not all hard work!) to talk about the upcoming social media activities and projects. We create a list of ideas and I then take as many photos as possible in the time Rachel specifies.

From general photos which can accompany house moving articles to photos specific to Northamptonshire, I provide Rachel with a library of photos which she uses to keep her social media fresh, fun and engaging.

Working Together on SMOOKS

Day to day I keep an eye out for any photo opportunity that could link to the subject of house hunting. Sometimes I have an idea for the words but if not I leave it to Rachel who comes up with something clever.  All of these can be found on Stacks Northants Facebook page, Twitter and Website.

(SMOOKS is short for Social Media Hooks)

Websites & Numbers for you

If you want to know more about Stacks their website is:

If you want to read about Muddy Stilettos and what the lovely Anna-Lou gets up to in Northants then tap here:

If you want to chat about anything you have read here then please call me on 07887 535112.

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